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If you are a resident of Singapore, you can play the lottery online or at participating retail outlets. In order to play the lottery, you can create an account on the official website and then verify your details. You can then purchase tickets in just a few minutes. In addition to online purchasing, you can register for email alerts and check your results at the press of a button. The website also has the daily draw schedule so you can follow the results and purchase tickets when you are most convenient.

Purchasing Singapore lottery tickets online has become a common pastime for millions of people worldwide. Compared to buying tickets from a local retailer, buying tickets online is a more convenient and affordable option. Many lotteries have their online websites, and they also give you access to a wide variety of lotteries from around the world. In addition to saving money, you can meet new people who share your passion for playing the lottery.

Players in Singapore can buy tickets online, which are available for $3, and receive results every week. The rules of the lottery are simple: players have to match the numbers on their tickets with the ones on the previous draw, and the weight of the balls in the drawing. If you match all five numbers correctly, you’ll receive a prize of $1,000. If you match all seven numbers correctly, you’ll receive a jackpot of $2.3 million.