Lottery Singapore

Lottery Singapore is an online website that lets players purchase tickets, search results and verify winning numbers. The site also features a live lottery draw, merchandise prizes and news updates. Those who want to play must verify their ticket numbers and match them with previous winning numbers, as mistakes can cost a player a higher prize payout.

The site is operated by Singapore Pools (Private) Limited and is legally licensed to operate a lottery in Singapore. The company’s lottery games include the popular Toto and 4D games, which can be played in authorised retailers or online. In addition to the Toto game, customers can also place bets on other events in the country.

A woman in her forties from Geylang Serai has reportedly lost her $12,000 group 1 prize from a Singapore Pools TOTO draw last month after accidentally throwing the ticket away. Pearlyn Yap placed her $12 bet at an authorised retailer near her home in Sept and claimed the win, only to find out she had thrown it away a few hours later. She claims that she is now running out of ideas to get her money back, and is now considering hiring a debt collector to solve the issue.

A person is deemed to conduct a lottery if the person: